Reader Survey: Eaton Corporation's 2011 Online Annual Report

Reader Survey: Eaton Corporation's 2011 Online Annual Report

We are interested in your opinion of Eaton's 2011 Online Annual Report.  By taking a few minutes to complete this short survey, you will help us make our future annual reports more valuable to you.


1) How much time did you spend reviewing Eaton's 2011 Online Annual Report?

2) What was your primary focus when reviewing this annual report?

3) Please assess the online edition of Eaton's 2011 Annual Report.

Excellent Good Neutral Fair Poor
Overall impression
Concept and design
Quality of editorial section
Presentation of financials
Functionality and accessibility

4) Which version of the annual report is most useful for your purposes?

5) The 2011 Annual Report helped build your awareness of the Eaton brand.

6) The creative approach of the 2011 Online Annual Report compelled you to read more of the content.

7) The 2011 Annual Report improved your understanding of Eaton Corporation as a diversified industrial enterprise with a focus on power management.

11) The 2010 Sustainability Report improved your understanding of and contained valuable information related to Eaton's commitment to sustainability.

13) Please indicate if you are a/an: (check only one)

Thank you for providing us with your valuable feedback. If you have questions about this survey please contact

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